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Using feedback well



Getting feedback on your essays can be a really daunting thing, and it might be something that you try to avoid. However, it’s really important to use this feedback, as it’s something your lecturers use to help you improve on your work. Here’s some ways that you can make the most out of the feedback given to you.

Read it before writing your next essay

Your feedback is still available during your next assignments, so make sure you have another read before starting your next essay. It’ll help you to avoid the same mistakes and know what you can improve on in this essay. Your feedback isn’t all about knowledge; it’s about grammar, structure and clarity.

Book a tutorial

If you’re unsure about any feedback you’ve received, have a chat with your lecturer. They’ll be able to clarify anything they’ve said, and give you advice on how you can build on your work. It’s probably nothing they haven’t seen before, so they’ll be sure to have something to help you out!

Speak to an Academic Advisor

Academic Advisors are in the library building, and can help you with things like referencing, structure, and feedback on your essays. You can book one to one sessions with them to go through your essays and they can show you where you can improve for next time.

Ask your friends about their feedback

Your classmates who have done the same essay will probably have different feedback to you. Each of you will have done certain things well and not so well, so read each other’s essays and feedback so that you can learn from each other.


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