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University wide

Our University’s Academic Strategy clearly states that building a strong sense of community, breaking down barriers, viewing our students as co-creators of knowledge and intellectual property, and viewing the developing and improving students experience as a continuous process should be at heart of our approach to providing an excellent students experience. In order to achieve this the University has been in the process of fundamentally reshaping its approach to learning and teaching and putting in place various initiatives to improve our students experience.

A dedicated ‘Student Experience Group’ which includes our Student Union’s President and Vice President, as well as senior academic leaders from every School and our key professional services colleagues together with representatives from our partner colleges, have been meeting monthly over the past year to examine various issues raised by our students and champion a number of specific students focused projects.

These include:

  • Longer library hours
  • More study skills support, from 1300 hours in 2018 to 7000 hours in 2019
  • Better responsive support for our Online learning environment
  • Improvements to our IT services and our estate
  • New initiatives on more timely feedback
  • Publishing of assessment time-tables for all our courses at the beginning of the year
  • New approaches to timetabling
  • A comprehensive induction programme

The creation of a dedicated social learning space for students at the Ipswich campus is one of the main projects in the last year.

The £400,000 SU Social Space includes an 80-seater social learning facility equipped with power units, table tennis and pool tables with a 'Grab and Go' shop run by the SU.

Centrally located in the Library and SU Building, the new facility provides students a space to study, rest and socialise.