University of Suffolk Law Club

Studying Law at sixth form or college? Thinking of studying Law at university? Then join us at the University of Suffolk Law Club!

For post-16 year old students who are interested in pursuing a Law (or related) undergraduate degree in the future. The Law Club will be run by Law Academics at the University of Suffolk's Waterfront Building with some student and practitioner led sessions.

The Law Club will run from 4-6pm on the following dates:

*Tuesday, 18th October
*Tuesday, 15th November
*Tuesday, 13th December
*Tuesday, 17th January
*Tuesday, 21st February
*Tuesday, 21st March
*Tuesday, 18th April
*Tuesday, 16th May 

Come and learn about various topics, such as those listed below, to enhance your understanding of the Law and prepare for the first steps of your legal career:

*Criminal Law and Evidence
*Mock Trials
*Police Powers
*Human Rights
*Intellectual Property

Light refreshments will be provided during each session.

If you are interested in attending, please complete the form below to register your interest.