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University of Suffolk delighted to be in partnership with U3A

The University of the Third Age (U3A) is a unique and exciting organisation and the University is delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with U3A in June 2015.

The University of Suffolk and U3A have committed to work together to promote lifelong learning. We welcome the input of all U3A members into our development, including providing support with our academic activities and acting as mentors for our students as they plan for graduate careers in a range of professions. The University will help U3A to continue to deliver excellent learning opportunities for their members, and will host an annual University of Suffolk and U3A lecture which will be of interest to the whole community.

U3A members are welcome to visit us at any time to enjoy the displays in our Gallery, or to visit the public areas of our campus. However, we also welcome U3A members in the following ways:

  • U3A members can access our Learning Services online academic journals in our Ipswich Library. Interested members should email Laura Messer providing at least 24 hours notice, and a guest pass will be arranged for collection at the Waterfront Building Reception.
  • U3A members are very welcome to collaborate with our academics on areas of personal or professional interest. Information about our research and course areas are available via the Faculty and Centres pages of our website. Please contact Laura Messer if you would like a meeting to be arranged.
  • The University run a series of lectures and events throughout the year, and U3A members are encouraged to attend our public lecture series.
  • U3A members who are considering returning to learning for undergraduate or postgraduate study are very welcome to speak to us about their options. Our courses are listed on the website and U3A members should contact the Infozone (01473 338833) to discuss them in more detail.
  • Our academics may be able to speak at U3A events, please contact Laura Messer to discuss any areas of potential interest, providing as much notice as possible.

The University of Suffolk and U3A partnership will continue to develop and we welcome ideas for collaboration or activity. Please dont hesitate to contact Laura Messer with any ideas or questions.

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Contact at University of Suffolk

Laura Messer


T: 01473 338616

Contact at U3A

Martyn Hargraves


T: 0300 123 3913