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The ultimate pancake topping list



Pancake Day is once again upon us, and it’s a favourite with most people. This year, try spicing up your pancake day with some different toppings. Although we all love the classic lemon and sugar or maple syrup, give these a try and maybe you’ll find a new topping for next year.


This one is super simple! Chop up a banana and a generous amount of toffee sauce and enjoy! Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream if you’re feeling more creative.

Millionaire’s shortbread

This takes a bit of creativity, but it’s totally worth it! Crush some shortbread and sprinkle it on your pancake. Pour some caramel sauce over it and then the chocolate sauce. Really one for those with a sweet tooth!

Ham and cheese

People usually think of pancakes as a sweet option, but savoury also works on pancakes. A classic ham and cheese is always good, especially on pancakes. Grate the cheese quickly onto the pancake as soon as it’s cooked so that it melts nicely onto the pancake.

Breakfast pancake

Bacon, scrambled egg and whatever else you might think of for a breakfast pancake. It all works, and tastes great! But you’ll probably need a knife and fork for this one.


I’ve never tried this one, but I have to say it sounds good. You blend the spinach and mix it in with the pancake batter to make a protein rich pancake. Top it with any other savoury options.

Tuna and sweetcorn

Another one I haven’t tried, but if it works in a pasta bake, it works on a pancake, right? BBC Good Food has an interesting recipe you can try for this one.


Image by piviso on Pixabay 

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