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Tourism Policy and Planning


Tourism is used by an increasing number and range of nations as a vehicle for economic growth. Tourism offers a means by which to enter and exploit global markets. This, together with a rise in leisure time and so demand for a variety of tourism products, brings in often conflicting issues for those involved with the tourism sector. There is a need for those involved in tourism development to be aware of the issues concerned with planning and managing tourism within a national, regional and local framework.

The module provides an academic understanding of the strategic issues in the context of the Travel and Tourism industry. It is an opportunity to develop skills of analysis and problem solving. It also enables students to develop a critical awareness of tourism policy and planning, thus enabling them to deal with the problems, choices and constraints involved in the development of effective strategies. It encourages students to develop their own intellectual framework of values, attitudes and practice, through exploring issues such as sustainability and development within the travel and tourism industry.