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Top tips to get you through exam season


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Most of us hate this time of year with exams only round the corner. I always feel like I’ve left everything to the last minute (usually I have!). But there’s no need to be stressed about deadlines and exams with these tips to get you through the last couple of months.

Give yourself enough time

Don’t stress out; you still have enough time to study everything, but don’t think that you can leave it to the last minute. If you start revising sooner, you won't have to cram everything in the night before. Plan your time so that you can get through everything, but also take time to relax! Find a good balance; some exams will require more revision than others, so know where your weaknesses are and what you need to do to tackle them. Starting early will give you confidence as you continue your revision and you’ll go into your exam feeling prepared.

Be organized and comfortable

I don’t know many people who can study in a complete mess. Have a quick tidy to make sure you know where everything is. You don’t want to waste an hour looking for that pencil sharpener you thought you had on your desk! Be comfortable where you’re studying; that means having enough light, water and a comfortable chair. Everyone studies in different ways; I need complete silence, whereas others need some background music. Your revision style may vary, so have a look at different ways you can study. Find what is best for you so that you can get the best out of your time.

Talk to people about what you’ve studied

This might sound really strange, but it gets it in your head! You’ve chosen to come to university to study a subject you enjoy, so talk to people about it. When you talk to coursemates, you will be able to debate your subject and help each other, and this can really help you think about what you’ve learnt. You can also try it on someone who doesn’t do your course; explaining what you mean to your brother or sister can get the subject clear in your head, and help you prepare for writing it down later on.


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Even the most focused among us need to take breaks occasionally! You won’t be able to study for 5 hours straight, no matter how hard you try. Take time to relax, such as a Saturday off, or an evening out with your friends. These little rewards will motivate you to get your work done, so that you can enjoy your time off knowing that you’ve achieved something!

All of us get a little stressed about exams, but don’t feel overwhelmed. Remember that the University has loads of services available for you, whether you need help managing your time, or just to talk about how you are feeling. Have a look at what the University can offer you here.

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