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Tips for working out in the winter



I’m not alone in saying that winter is my least favourite time to workout. The days are shorter, it’s cold and even going from my flat to the gym seems to take all the effort in the world.

However, I’ve kept it up so far, and here’s how I’ve made my workout successful in the winter.


Use layers

You might think that if you go out for a run, you can wear the same things as you do in the summer. Don’t! You’ll put yourself at risk of all sorts, so make sure you wrap up a bit. Wear a beanie and some gloves (your fingers, toes, nose and ears will be first to get cold).

Wear bright coloured clothes

With it getting darker and the weather changes a lot, wear some brightly coloured clothes to stay visible to other road users. Keep yourself safe and wear something reflective if you’re going out in the dark.

Do a home workout

If like me, you hate going outside in the cold, start doing a home workout. There’s plenty of videos on YouTube, many of which don’t require any equipment. You can still keep your fitness up without hating your workout.

Do a warm up

If you’re going outside in the cold, do a warm up first at home. You’ll get your blood circulation going and your heart rate up so that you won’t get as much of a shock when you step outside.

Find a new workout for the winter

With the winter here, it might be time to find a new workout that’s indoors. Lots of sports centres do classes throughout the year and so does the Students' Union. You might like to start swimming, joining a gym, or even indoor rock climbing.


Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay 


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