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Tips for staying motivated at the end of term!


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It is the final countdown to the summer and when you have been working hard all year, it is easy to fall at the final hurdle. But don’t give up yet as you are so close to the finish line! Here are my top tips for staying motivated in the final few weeks of term.

  • Remember your end goal

This may seem obvious, but in the midst of deadlines, it can be easy to forget your intentions for studying in the first place. Remember the work you are putting in now is all towards a bigger goal at the end whether that is graduating or working towards your dream career.

  • Keep moving!

it can be easy to be glued to your desk during this busy period, but carve out time each day to move and your body will thank you for it. Just 20 minutes of exercise per day before studying can improve your concentration and help you to focus more on your tasks.

  • Stay connected with those around you

When studying for long periods it is easy to isolate yourself, but staying connected to those around you is so crucial in keeping motivated. Whether you chat about your work or use the time as a well-earned break, your friends will help you to move towards your end goal.

  • Vary your work space

When knuckling down to work remaining at one desk can be useful, but it can also result in a lack of motivation. I try to vary my study space each day to feel refreshed towards my work, and there are plenty of places to study in and around the uni buildings. Why not sit outside on a sunny day to feel the benefits of the weather also!

  • Summer is round the corner!

Just remember you are so close to the end and a break is coming! You will be so grateful in a few weeks that you pushed through to finish the year on a high. Everyone at the uni is rooting for you and if you need any support in this busy time, student services are here to help.


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