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Tips to reduce, reuse and recycle



I’ve been thinking about some of the ways we can reduce our waste, reuse items, and recycle. You’d be surprised at how easy a lot of it is and how much money it can save you, as well as the positive impact it can have on the environment. 


Reducing your waste is all about thinking about what is necessary. For example, a couple of cotton bags will last you much longer than plastic bags (and you’ll save 5p every time you shop). Also, think about unnecessary packaging. Have a look around the Ipswich Market for fruit and veg; all of it is fresh with no plastic packaging and it comes at a cheap price too.

Whatever you buy, be mindful about what it’s packed in. Bring your own travel mug when you buy a coffee or opt for a reusable water bottle, which you can fill up around the University at the water coolers or even in some cafes or restaurants. These little ways can significantly reduce the amount of waste we throw away.


We’re always looking for cheap and thrifty methods. One idea is to reuse things to decorate your room. Washing and decorating old jam jars can make a cute candle holder (a good craft for kids). You can make a vertical garden out of plastic bottles and even plant your own seeds or herbs. There’s all sorts you can do to reuse your old items, so have a look here for some ideas.


Recycling is so easy because all we have to do is put recyclables in the recycling bin. Simple! We have loads of recycling bins around the University, so rather than throwing your rubbish in the nearest bin, make use of the recycling bins around campus.

Whenever you buy something, think about whether or not it can be recycled. Is there a better alternative? Don’t be afraid to ask shops and cafes how they recycle their waste; it can make them think about how to be more eco-friendly. 


Using some of these ways to reduce, reuse and recycle will save you money and have a positive impact on the environment. There's loads more you can do as well, so take a bit of time to see how you can reduce, reuse and recycle.

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