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You wouldn’t believe it, but deadlines are slowly creeping up on us (not to scare you or anything!). It can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming when you think about meeting those deadlines, so here’s some tips for getting them done without feeling too much of the stress.

Start early

It sounds like an obvious one, but it’s so easy to leave your assignment to the last minute. Even if, like me, you say you would never do that. When you first get your module guide, take a look at what assignments you have and read the criteria. Keep looking back over it throughout the module, thinking about what you could write.

Start the planning early; a few weeks before it’s due is ideal. That way, you can get a tutorial with your lecturer and understand what you’re meant to be doing.

Make a plan

Make a plan for how you’re going to write your assignment. Set yourself small deadlines like when the initial research should be done and when each of your paragraphs should be written. Break up the work into manageable sizes. You’ll feel much more motivated and accomplished that way.

Find your time

Everyone works at different paces and times. Your first year will be the time that you can work this out quite well. Maybe you’re more motivated in the morning to write or plan, or maybe late at night is more your thing. You might also find that finding a different place to study can be helpful.

Doing an hour in your room then moving to the library could give you a burst of motivation. Staying in the same place can make you feel much more distracted.

Take a break

When you’ve met one of your goals, take a break. Whether you just make a cuppa or go for a walk, do something to reward yourself. Finding that work-study-life balance is really important to be productive during uni.

Getting enough sleep will also help you concentrate on writing those notes out during your lectures.


Taking breaks, starting early, and having a plan are the ways to make your deadlines a success. Starting out well will get you in the habit of it in the future. Trust me, all-nighters are something you want to avoid!

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