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Tips for keeping busy in Lockdown


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Happy New Year! And Happy New Lockdown! Looking for ways to feel all your free time? Here are our top suggestions!

  • Stroke pets

Feeling stressed? Stroke your pet! It has been proven to lower blood pressure and lower your stress levels, and if you needed more convincing it relaxes your pet too!

  • Read a book

Personally I find there is no better way to spend time than reading a book! What’s better than escaping reality for a bit and expanding your imagination?

  • Binge that boxset

Start that series you have been meaning to for ages! There is no better time to get immersed in a good boxset.

  • Go for a walk (yes even in the rain)

Going for a walk is not only a great form of exercise but it also helps you to feel energised as the oxygen levels in your blood increase as your lungs take in more fresh air. Mentally it can also help you clear your head which is important when you are stuck indoors most of the time.

  • Bake

What better time than to try out a new recipe! Baking is a fun activity that also ends with a tasty treat for yourself which is a great incentive. Check out some of the past recipes on the blog if you need more inspiration. Such as this warming butternut squash soup.

  • Do some DIY

Have you got a job that you have been meaning to do for some time? Productively use your time now to get it done!

  • Organise your clothes

Our wardrobes need refreshing every so often so why not take the opportunity to clear out your old clothes and organise your favourite pieces to utilise your space effectively.

  • Write that novel

Writing is a great way to escape and craft your own world but it can also be rather time-consuming. Everyone has a story inside of them so why not try writing a novel even if it is just for yourself!

  • Study!

What have you been getting up to in lockdown? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: Photo by Theme Photos on Unsplash

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