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Our wonderful graduates have rallied together to provide you with some of their tips for enjoying your graduation day to the max. This lot have been through graduation and come out the other side, and they have some words of wisdom for you.

You only get to graduate once* so you might as well make the most of it (*well, unless you're doing your Masters, PhD, or more undergrad courses. You're welcome to stay as long as you like!) 

  • Take your time walking across the stage, don't rush because you're nervous. All your family and friends want to see you and you only get your minute! - Bethany Walker
  • Think about how your gown will work with your dress, it's easier with shirts than dresses. - Karen Alred
  • Don't worry about taking too many photos with friends and family. This is the only day where all of these people will be together (and your family finally get to meet the people you've talked about for the last few years), so make the very most of it! - Amy Carpenter
  • Believe in yourself, trust that you will find your way, work at carving out your profession and execute that ambition and creativity and have vision, perseverance and promote education. - Angela Wright
  • My advice is to just go for it. Too many times I hesitated because of that inner voice saying ‘but I don’t have experience...I’ve never done that before...what if I’m not good’ the truth is you have to START. There is no such thing as one path and your journey is unique. Don’t compare yourself or your journey to someone else’s.  - Emily Strickland

Do you have some tips for students graduating this year? Comment below!

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