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Tips for getting career ready



It’s easy to think at university that you don’t need to do anything to get career ready because you’re already doing a degree. The thing is, employers like a bit of experience with your degree, so it could be time to start thinking about a part-time job or a bit of volunteering. Here’s a few ways you can get career ready before you graduate!

Part time jobs and volunteering

During uni, it’s fair to say that we have a bit of free time. Although we spend (hopefully) a lot of that time studying, it might be worth taking a few hours a week to work or volunteer. The University runs a great Student Ambassador scheme that you can get involved with or you could volunteer with a local charity. These will all give you great transferable skills for the rest of your life.


Networking is a great part of university and something that you should take advantage of. Keeping up to date with those contacts on LinkedIn will help you to link up with professionals in your field and give you opportunities before and after you graduate.

Shaping Your Future

The Shaping Your Future Event is running from 29 October until 2 November. This week long event will allow you to meet organisations and talk to them about what you can do with your degree. Various workshops and other events will be running throughout the week and it’s a great opportunity to start thinking about your future, even if you’re in your first year!

Your three years at university is going to fly by, so it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what you want to do once you’ve graduated. There are lots of opportunities to start preparing for later on, so take advantage of these now and build up your network during your time at uni.


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