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Tips for choosing your accommodation


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At this time of year, it’s likely that you’re starting to look more seriously at what accommodation you want to live in during your time at uni. There’s quite a few different places to look at, which we will go through, and also choices for where you’re going to be based and placement options.

The types of accommodation

Student accommodation comes in various forms. You can get yourself a studio flat, particularly if you want to live with your partner. There are flat-type accommodations which you will share with 4 or 5 other students sharing a kitchen, but having your own bedroom and possibly an en-suite. The people in your flat will usually be your first friends at uni and the bond can last forever, so it’s great for if you’re in your first year.

There are also student houses, which are great for the more sociable among you or if you’re in your second or third year. Finally, there are accommodation blocks with 10-15 people sharing the kitchen, but your own bedroom and en-suite. These are great if you like to have your own space.

Placements and internships

If you’re going to be on placement a lot, it might be a good idea to find a place closer to your placement location rather than campus. This is especially good if you will work late, such as in a hospital, as you don’t want to have to travel far after a long shift.

Is commuting cheaper?

Rent can be expensive, so a season ticket for the train might be cheaper. If you only live a couple of towns away, this might be the better option. However, you should also consider how many of the social activities you want to be involved with. If there’s a lot of events you would enjoy, you might find it more useful to live on campus.


Take a look at our accommodation options, providers and FAQs.

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