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TikTok Study Influencers you should follow!


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If you’ve never used TikTok before then you might think it is a waste of time and only full of dances and trends, but you would be wrong! Like all social media platforms TikTok is diverse in its content and can actually be used to learn too. Particularly if you use the hashtag #LearnonTikTok to search for content. Today I am going to be sharing with you some TikTok Study Influencers that you should be following to switch up your feed and make use of your time on social media!

  1. @ludus

Triggered by trigonometry? @ludus is your man! His account features more than 200 quick-fix solutions to common mathematical muddles, he is truly the voice of reason when it comes to crunching the numbers. His loyal following of over 489,000 users speaks for itself.

  1. @alexis_loveraz

Based in New York @alexis_loveraz is another great account to follow for top tips on mathematics. He doesn’t stop there though; beyond making content for maths students, his impressive TikTok portfolio also covers Geometry and Chemistry.

  1. @sydneyyybean

If you are a book worm like I am take a look at @sydneyyybean. A relatively new user of TikTok, Sydney is an avid reader who is quickly gaining a large following, and her relaxing book recommendation videos will ensure that you never run out of things to read.

  1. @stylishstudy

Want to utilise your revision time more effectively? Check out @stylishstudy! She posts nearly every day with topical advice surrounding upcoming deadlines and how to revise more effectively whilst in lockdown. She also recommends the best study methods that will instantly boost your productivity and result in higher grades.

  1. @blackcountrymuseum

One of my personal favourite accounts is @blackcountrymuseum. A living museum based in Dudley they are the self-proclaimed #museumbeef champions on TikTok with nearly half a million followers and over 6 million likes on their videos! Their high acclaim is no surprise as they consistently share high quality videos about the lives of British people from the past, encouraging their viewers to learn in a fun and interactive way. They are not afraid to follow trends and incorporate learning along the way ensuring both an educational and fun viewing experience.

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Photo by Megh an Schiereck on Unsplash

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