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Things to do before you move home for the summer


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Summer is finally here for most of us at the University of Suffolk and a lot of us will start thinking about moving out of uni halls and back home. But before you do, there’s a few things you should do.

Meet up with your uni friends

Going back home for three months is a long time, so make sure you go and do something with your uni friends before everyone goes back home. Keep in touch over the summer and try to do something together then as well, but there’s nothing like that last trip out together before you go your separate ways.

Tidy and clean your room

I don’t know about you, but all cleaning gets forgotten about during deadlines; so my room was an absolute tip until last week. Finally, I’ve been able to get some long overdue cleaning done, and saved myself some time before move out day.

Sort out your uni work

With the end of the academic year here, think about what you need to keep and what you can throw out. Sell some of your old uni books if you don’t need them, someone in the year below you will find them useful!

Be clear on anything you need to do before next year

You’ve got three months to prepare for next year, so use that time wisely. Especially for people like me who are going on to do their dissertation, we’ve got some work to do over summer. Get as much as you can done before you go back home; there’ll be endless distractions once you’re back in your home town.


Photo by Jennifer Regnier on Unsplash

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