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Theo - Student Life Team Micro-Placement

Why did I choose to do the Microplacement Scheme?

I would say what made me choose the Microplacement Scheme were many reasons. Firstly the flexible hours played a huge part especially being at university can leave you with large amounts of work at some points and minimal amounts other times and being able to have flexible hours around my studies played a crucial factor in myself choosing the Microplacement Scheme. For example I’ve had part time jobs in the past with little flexibility which can prove difficult when I’ve had a large amount of university work with tight deadlines at the same time putting myself under considerable pressure. The real-life work experience of the scheme was also a large factor, being able to get valuable work experience in the possible sectors I am looking to go into would be hugely beneficial as it would hopefully make me much more employable in the future. Another factor was the opportunity to network and meet with others around the university that I perhaps have not had the chance to meet before.

What have I learnt and gained from the Microplacement Scheme?

Overall, I felt that one of the key things I gained from the Microplacement was the sheer amount of experience I obtained. Being able to go behind the scenes at the university and gain work experience in the student life centre on various projects such as the rebranding project has most definitely given myself that valuable real working environment experience which will definitely be beneficial for employability after I have finished university. The staff were extremely supportive, and I gained practical knowledge and skills from them as well as being made to feel a welcome member of the team. I also feel that the Microplacement Scheme has allowed me to further develop my organisational and planning skills, by having to balance both my assignments and work from the Microplacement scheme it allowed me to prioritise and organise different projects. I was also given the opportunity to present my findings to others for example one of the presentations was on the different ways that feedback could be obtained about the Student Life Centre. Overall, these presentations and the feedback I received most definitely helped with my presentation and communicational skills.

Would I recommend it to other students?

Yes 100%. I think that the Microplacement scheme is the one of the best part time jobs you can do while studying at the university, with the flexibility of hours, everyone being so friendly, the chance to gain valuable work experience overall makes it a fantastic opportunity for anyone studying at the university. I would most definitely recommend this opportunity to any students who want to gain some extra money, work flexible hours, meet new people, and gain some valuable work experience on their CV.

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