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Terms and Conditions of the Alumni Postgraduate Loyalty Scheme

To apply for the Alumni Postgraduate Loyalty Scheme you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a University of Suffolk alumni and member of the Alumni Association
  • Be paying full postgraduate tuition fees
  • Have been offered and accepted a place on an eligible Masters degree or Postgraduate Research degree
  • Have cleared any previous outstanding debt with the university
  • Be in continued attendance for the duration of the Masters degree or Postgraduate Research degree

Eligible Postgraduate Programmes

The following postgraduate programmes are eligible for the Alumni Postgraduate Loyalty Scheme:

  • MSc Applications of Psychology
  • MSc Business and Management
  • MA Childhood Studies
  • MSc Crime and Community Safety: Evidence Based Practice
  • MA Criminology: Crime & Victimisation
  • MA Education Studies 
  • MSc Games Development
  • MSc Human Resource Management
  • MBA Master of Business Administration 
  • Postgraduate research degrees
  • MA Professional Practice in Heritage Management
  • MSc Regenerative Medicine


In order to apply you will need to complete the online application form.
Please note the following:
  • Professional and CPD courses are not part of the Alumni Postgraduate Loyalty Scheme.
  • The Alumni Postgraduate Loyalty Scheme entitles a student to a percentage off the fee for the standard duration of the course as published on the website.
  • Awards cannot be deferred and have to be taken in the academic year for which they are awarded.
  • To receive the reduction in fees students cannot be in receipt of any additional bursary or scholarship.
  • Students that are funded by an employer contract with the University or are sponsored by their employer are not eligible for the reduction in fees.
  • Alumni Postgraduate Loyalty Scheme reductions will be applied after you have enrolled therefore during enrolment you should proceed with the full amount of tuition fee in the fees section.
  • On approval of an award, the relevant percentage will be deducted from a students course fee. Students invoice value will be updated and a statement will be sent if necessary.
  • If a student withdraws and a refund is due under the terms of the University of Suffolk Tuition Fee Policy, the scheme criteria will not have been met and the award will be automatically forfeited. The loyalty reduction will be recovered from the balance of any refund payment made.
  • To be eligible for the additional 5% reduction course applications must be received before the 2 July for September 2019 starters or the 2 January for February 2020 starters.