Teaching & Learning 2021 (2)

Learning and Teaching Seminar Series

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

New for 2021/2022!  This series centres on sharing good practice and centres on three key principles: intellectual generosity, dynamic and collegiality.

Seminars take place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 4pm-5pm, with sessions delivered online via Zoom webinar.  The seminars are open to all and free to attend.

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Forthcoming sessions:

Wednesday 9th February 2022 4pm-5pm

Professor Jo Finch - Courageous conversations with struggling students

Research, from a range of professions with assessed practice learning requirements, reveals that there may be reluctance by some practice educators/mentors, to fail students in practice learnings settings (Finch, 2017). Research has also noted, albeit it limited, that university tutors, find managing placement issues a challenge (Finch, 2015). This has often been labelled as “failure to fail” which has been particularly vociferous in the nursing literature (see for example, Duffy, 2004, Jervis and Tilki, 2011, Bachman et al, 2019). The failure to fail thesis however, is contentious, in that firstly, it doesn’t stand up to empirical scrutiny and secondly, is a blaming (and so unhelpful) discourse that doesn’t help us understand the emotional and psychological processes at play in teaching and learning relationships, or indeed the particular dynamics that can often emerge in assessed practice placement settings. The research however is clear, that there are significant challenges for practice educators/mentors as well as university staff when managing students who are struggling or failing their placements.

The session will provide a brief overview as to the challenges of working with struggling or failing students in practice learning settings, considers the emotional and psychological processes that could be in play and the possible adverse impact on the assessment process. I argue that the concept of “courageous conversations” (Beddoe and Davys, 2016) can be a useful and positive way forward when dealing with placement concerns.

The session therefore will be relevant to university staff, practice educators and mentors from any profession with assess practice learning/placement requirements, as well as students currently or about to go on placement.

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Wednesday 11th May 2022 4pm-5pm

Dr Sebastian Cordoba - LGBTQIA/EDI

Wednesday 8th June 2022 4pm-5pm

Dr Lindsey Scott

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