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Supporting your young person this Results Day


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At the University of Suffolk we work with a team of Parent/Carer Ambassadors who have helped their young people go on to higher education. We asked them for their top tips for A Level results day. One of them, Nicky FennWeavers, has some tips for young people getting their results today.

Exams are over and results day is today - we have felt the anticipation and excitement building each day!

Being a parent or carer during exams and result day is an exciting time for both you and your young adult. The future plans they are hoping for and the new chapter of their life will very soon be starting.

If this is you, I am right there with you this year.  My daughter has been anxiously awaiting her results to see what her future holds.

It’s been a journey for all of our family, the stress and tensions through exams were quite hard and when the final exam paper was put down the relief and weight off my daughters shoulders seemed to lift almost instantly. 

For her it’s been a summer of socialising, festivals and going out without the pressure of study and deadlines to meet – a perfect summer, and let’s be honest they did earn it!

But now results day is looking at us in the face, we have already had a few ‘wobbles’ with ‘ have I chosen the right university’, ‘I don’t know whether I can leave home and be alone’, ‘what if my grades don’t meet the target and I have to go to clearing , or  ‘what if I don’t go at all’!.

As a parent it’s hard to watch these turbulent emotions and being there for them showing encouragement and support is the best thing you can do.  I know after a long day at work or doing other commitments it can be hard, but it’s important and they really need the support and confidence you can give them.

My daughter has been struggling with her choice of university, I honestly believe it is perfect for her, but the unknown is really starting to play with feelings.  We’ve tried to turn it around and say ‘don’t think about if you don’t like it, think about it as how exciting it’s going to be.  A whole new life just round the corner!’.  I’ve said we will visit whenever she needs us and she will very quickly make friends as everyone is in the same boat together.

There’s also the worry about what her results will be.  Will it be enough, will I go to clearing?  It’s natural to be anxious and nervous, it’s because it means so much it’s on their mind so much.  What we have said is results day is coming and we are excited, whatever comes her way we are proud of her..  There is always a plan A or C and if a door closes another one will open…. right now we have got everything crossed for plan A – but whatever happens we are going to celebrate the next chapter of her life.

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