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Supporting the Concordat

The University of Suffolk is fully committed to implementing the principles of the Concordat for the Career Development of Researchers and has developed over the last years a sound infrastructure for the support of researchers, regardless of contract of career stage. The University of Suffolk wishes to apply for the HR Excellence in Research Award to acknowledge its commitment to the support and development of its research staff and its research environment and show its support for sectoral developments in this area. There is an existing range of policies, practice, guidelines and activities and other support through which most of the Concordat’s provisions are already addressed. Research and Enterprise Services is already working with recent and emerging frameworks and policies, including the Vitae Researcher Development Framework, HR strategy and academic career paths frameworks, the European Commission European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

Our Concordat Implementation Plan is available for comment.  If you have any comments or feedback on the plan, or would like to be more involved in our work, please contact Stef Thorne, Head of Research and Enterprise Services,