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Suffolk Scenes – Staycation in Ipswich


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The top five reasons why Ipswich can be your next choice for a staycation in the UK, this could be for a week or a weekend. However long you want to stay you will be welcomed with open arms. 

1.    The Waterfront

The Waterfront is beautiful both day and night, home to many coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, there is always something to do at all times of the day. If staying on land does not appeal to you then there is always the option for some amazing boat cruises such as the Sailing Barge Victor or Orwell River Cruises.

2.    Bistro on the Quay
The food at Bistro on the Quay (Located at the waterfront) is truly incredible, with amazing wines to accompany your every dish, and if you are feeling fish, Bistro and Mariners (The boat just across from Bistro) have something for everyone. My personal favourite is the Garlic Ciabatta with Raclette Cheese (A Swiss delicacy of melted cheese). An outstanding experience every time and well worth a visit. 

3.    History and Architecture

Ipswich being the oldest Anglo-Saxon town in England has an incredible history and beautiful architecture worth visiting, with this church close to Christchurch Park, you could visit two beautiful destinations in one. All through the town centre you can see a mixture of modern and antiqued architecture.


4.    Beautiful parks all throughout Ipswich
If you are bringing your little ones then no need to worry, Ipswich is home to some incredible parks such as the park where Christchurch Mansion is located. Within Christchurch Park is a fun playground for the children to play while you enjoy the scenery.

5.    Lots of various places to stay

Finally, last but not least there are many places to stay within Ipswich depending on your needs and your budget, on the Waterfront you have the beautiful Salthouse Harbour Hotel, which has some incredible afternoon teas, there is the EasyHotel which is located right in the middle of town and even some small Bed and Breakfasts such as The Old Times Guest House located just a 10-minute drive from the centre of Ipswich. 

As you can see there is something out there for everyone in Ipswich, what reason will bring you here? 

- Barbara Miranda, Event and Tourism Student

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