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Suffolk and proud

What comes to mind when you think of Suffolk? You may think of all kinds of things, but for others, they might have no idea. Suffolk has some cool and quirky aspects to it. Here’s a few that you might not know about.

Suffolk has its own breed of horses

The Suffolk countryside is really beautiful, but is not complete without the Suffolk Punch horses. These horses get their name due to their strength and appearance, but in reality they are hardworking gentle giants. They were really useful to Britain before the Industrial Revolution, but as time went on, they became less popular, and almost disappeared. Thankfully, their numbers are increasing, and are becoming more popular again. Look out for them next time you’re out for a walk!

Suffolk is connected with many famous people!

From Ed Sheeran to Harry Potter, Suffolk has a connection to loads of world famous people. All you Ed Sheeran fans will be glad to know that he is a local to the county. And those who are really informed may know that he received an Honorary Degree from the University of Suffolk in 2015.

You may also know that the medieval village of Lavenham was the inspiration for Harry Potter and is known to be his birthplace. Its streets feature in some of the films, and you can even visit the cottage (that was recently put up for sale if you’ve got £1 million to spare!) The cottage also housed some famous people from British history, such as King Charles II’s brother and sister.

Other famous faces you may see around the county are Anthony Horowitz, Ralph Fiennes, and Delia Smith. Look out for them when you’re out and about in Suffolk - you could have quite a collection of autographs!

Suffolk is home many local breweries

Adnams, Aspall, Calvors, Mauldons and St Peter’s Brewery are just a few of the breweries located in Suffolk. If you’re looking for an interesting day out, take a tour of one of these breweries. Many of them only use traditional methods of making their beer, and use the same recipes from when they began! They will often use local ingredients such as Suffolk malt to make their beer, so you will definitely get a true taste of Suffolk.