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Study Abroad - Fee Paying

What is Study Abroad?

Study Abroad programmes offer students who are currently studying at an overseas institution the opportunity to take part in a short-term study programme at a university in the UK, such as the University of Suffolk. Typically, you will be a current undergraduate student who has completed, or will complete, one year of study towards a Bachelor's degree before taking part in a Study Abroad programme. 

Study Abroad students will follow an agreed programme of study within one of our Faculties, and will study with us for either one semester or a full academic year. Typically, your home institution will agree your programme of study at the University of Suffolk which will allow you to take the credits you earn here back towards your current degree. This means the duration of your current programme will not change. Once you have applied, you will work with our Study Abroad Team to identify the modules that you would like, and are able to study and advise on aspects such as accommodation, visas and support services. 


Module Directory

Study Abroad students are able to choose from a range of modules across a number of our academic departments. The Module Directory indicates the modules which are currently available for Study Abroad students. Please note that some modules will only be available in semester one or two, with some having pre-requisite modules. If you are coming to the University of Suffolk for a one-semester Study Abroad programme you must choose modules which equate to 60 credits, and for one-year programmes please select 120 credits.

If you are unsure about which modules you may be able to choose from please contact the Study Abroad team at

Module Directory


Study Abroad Tuition Fees

Depending on the Faculty you would like to join, Study Abroad programmes can last for one semester or one academic year. Below is a list of prices if you wish to start in September 2019 or February 2020. 

September 2019/February 2020

  • International students - Undergraduate Classroom-based: £11,790 (one year) or £5,895 (one semester)

  • International students - Undergraduate Laboratory/Studio/IT-based: £13,330 (one year) or £6,665 (one semester)

  • Home/EU students - All Undergraduate courses: £9,250 (one year) or £4,625 (one semester)


How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for a Study Abroad programme for one semester or one academic year please complete the application form below and return by email to

Applications for Study Abroad - word

Application for Study Abroad - PDF


In order to be considered for a Study Abroad programme you will need to meet the following criteria:

i. You must have completed, or will have completed one year of undergraduate study before your Study Abroad programme starts;

ii. You must be able to provide a transcript of your current studies, or partial transcript if you are still in your first year;

iii. You must provide an academic reference from your current institution;

iv. You must meet the published entry criteria for your chosen programme, including where relevant a portfolio of work;

vi. You must be able to show evidence of your level of English Language (if English is not your first language) - you can use IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge or University of Suffolk Password Skills Test

vi. You must provide the photograph page of your passport (or identity card for EU citizens).


Once your application has been received by the Study Abroad Team, we will work with the relevant Faculty/Departments to assess your application and how you meet the entry requirements. If successful, we will then ask you to confirm your module choices, as per the Module Directory, and you will also be required to seek approval of your choices from your home institution by signing the Learning Agreement. 


Visa Requirements

If you are not a national of the UK or European Union, it is likely that you will require a visa to study in the UK. If you wish to undertake a Study Abroad programme for one semester you will be required to apply for a Short Term Study Visa. If you plan to study at the University for a full academic year you will be subject to full UK Visa and Immigration requirements and will need to apply for a Tier 4 General visa. Further guidance regarding requirements for Tier 4 students can be found on our Visa and Immigration pages.