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Study abroad and exchanges

Why Study Abroad?

We are now living in a globalised environment. The University of Suffolk embraces this and is dedicated to giving our students opportunities for an international educational experience. This will prepare our graduates for the global workplace.

  • Get ahead in the job market - approach business issues from another cultural perspective and improve your CV
  • A different and new outlook - study your subject in a different context. You will find this challenging and highly rewarding
  • Funding - most students attending a European exchange will be eligible for an Erasmus grant. Teachers will receive a daily allowance and travel expenses
  • An international network of friends - many of the people you meet will remain your friends for the rest of your life, at home and abroad
  • International mobility - we now live in an internationally mobile world. What better time to prepare for this than now?
  • Life skills - enhance your personal development, increase your employability, improve your confidence and enjoy life in different ways
  • Have the time of your life - University is all about personal development and there will be more new experiences to enjoy when studying abroad


What are the options?

There are many types of International Exchange and Study Abroad opportunities at the University of Suffolk. Please choose from the options below for further information:

Inbound opportunities - for students who wish to undertake a short programme of study at the University of Suffolk

Outbound opportunities - for current University of Suffolk students wishing to take part in a short programme of study at an overseas institution  

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please email


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