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Students Together with Business

The University of Suffolk is a source of talent and our students and graduates are our greatest asset. Many of them are studying business management, innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, graphic design, computer science and digital technology solutions. Many may already be working with you as our alumni or as apprentices and using their skills to support your business at this time.


Placement Opportunities

If you are a business whose planned events and marketing have been disrupted for the foreseeable future and would be interested in a student working with you on placement to support your virtual offer we have a number of students within the Suffolk Business School who are studying Marketing or Events and Tourism and looking for placement this summer and autumn.

Please contact Jonathan Harvey, Senior Lecturer in Tourism, Events and Management to discuss potential projects that you need support with.

Virtual Internships - Funding of 85% available to SMEs, you only pay 15%

There are 17 remote internships under the themes of Creative Digital, AI and Biotech available to businesses looking to employ a University of Suffolk student or graduate this summer either part-time or full-time to support innovative projects that can be used to support your recovery. The students are employed by you (paid via EIRA)  and  the University will support you in advertising and promoting your vacancy. Please email