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Student Services for International Students

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International Students

The University of Suffolk Student Services team offers a range of information, advice and guidance services to international students, including:

Immigration information and guidance

We offer free help and information about immigration issues, helping students with applications and understanding the rules. We remind students how they can remain within the rules and conditions of their visa and when they have to renew them. Students can see an advisor by appointment or by coming to the Infozone to ask if the International Student Officer is available.

English language and study skills advice

We offer free advice on improving your English and academic skills classes to all students, to help anyone who is not confident in these areas. The classes and one-on-one sessions are offered by our experienced and specialised team in Learning Services who also offer a free diagnosis of your English when you arrive, to show you exactly which parts of your English might need improvement. This is followed by a series of workshops helping you with academic writing.

Cultural adjustment advice

If you haven't lived in the UK, become homesick, or find anything strange our experienced student mentors and staff can help you. Please visit the Suffolk Life Mentor Scheme homepage for details on signing up for a  mentor. 

General advice, guidance and counselling

Studying in another language, and the pressure to succeed in your studies can be quite tiring and stressful. There is also the question of how to make friends and experience life outside the university. Our experienced Student Services team are here to offer you advice, from before you arrive to after you leave. We can help with one-to-one confidential advice or just informal conversations about any topic you want to discuss.

The Student Services team can also help with:

Once you have been accepted on to a course at the University of Suffolk, we can will help you with accommodation, finance and visa arrangements, as well as your arrival. If you will be arriving by air and want us to arrange transport please contact the International Office.