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They always say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. It's important to make a good, healthy meal to keep us going in the morning.

It can be tough to put in the effort sometimes, so here’s a few easy breakfast ideas to get your day started right.


I recently got a new blender, and if you’re anything like me, it’s a really good investment. There’s so many easy recipes for breakfast smoothies, that will easily get you two of your five-a-day before you’ve even walked out the door.

The best thing is, you can prepare it the night before. Just blend it before walking out the door and drink it on your way to lectures.


This one might sound a bit boring, but a bag of oats goes a long way. These are really cheap and you can do so much with porridge. Chop up some fruit, mix in a bit of honey, or sprinkle some sugar; there’s all sorts of ways to enjoy your porridge . This healthy start will keep you going till lunchtime!

Fruit and Yoghurt

If you don’t fancy a carb start, fruit and yoghurt is your go-to. These are packed with vitamins to keep you healthy and awake, and they go really well together. Try to have a variety every day to make it a bit more exciting.


Got a bit of time on your hands? Eggs are cheap and there’s lots you can do with them. Boiled, scrambled or fried, they go really well on a piece of toast and are a great way to get some protein.


Have you got any good breakfast ideas? Share them in the comments below.

Photo by Carlos T on Unsplash

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