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The Alumni Relations and Development Team

The Alumni Relations and Development team sits within the Business Engagement, Careers and Employability Directorate.

The team is the first point of contact for alumni enquiries, requests, comments or ideas. The team are on hand to support all alumni and offer advice. The team work to raise philanthropic funds for the University, as well as develop and grow relationships with donors and friends. 

Alumni Relations

Our objectives are:

  • To allow all graduates of the University of Suffolk to engage with the institution in a mutually beneficial way
  • To communicate on a regular basis with members of the Alumni Community, keeping them well informed and engaged.
  • Promote Alumni Relations to current students and staff, maintaining relationships and building the community.
  • Research and locate lost alumni or those from previous institutions in Suffolk who would benefit from joining the community and be of benefit to the University of Suffolk.
  • To support networking or reunion requests from alumni or staff.
  • To establish, maintain and develop a package of benefits and services for members of the Alumni Community.
  • To encourage a pride in the institution among alumni and encourage Alumni to act as ambassadors for our courses and facilities.


Our objectives are:

  • To develop and grow philanthropic activity at the University of Suffolk.
  • To support corporate objectives with a range of philanthropic projects.
  • To build and facilitate relationships with potential donors and senior staff.
  • To identify and apply for potential funding to support the University in its growth and development.

Privacy Notice

The Alumni Relations and Development Team's Privacy Notice 


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