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Stop being so hard on yourself!


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Working from home can be challenging, especially when there are many distractions around us. If you are lacking a little motivation, then try setting yourself smaller goals that are realistic and achievable. For instance, set yourself three small individual tasks each day, even if one of them is reading the assignment brief. The problem with setting larger goals is following through and seeing results.

No - Complete the assignment in one day

Yes – Write 100 or 200 words a day (Small goal)

My favourite method is rewarding myself. Try setting yourself regular and smaller goals throughout the day, then every time a task is complete, reward yourself. Whether that’s a short walk outside, watching one episode of your favourite Netflix series, or even calling a friend for a quick chat. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Remember, we are in a pandemic that can be tough on us mentally, so it is important to look after ourselves. If you really feel distracted by the television or your phone, then move the problem out of the way. I once had to move my TV out of the room because I could not focus on my goal.

“Setting the bar too high can serve to de-motivate and discourage you from ever getting started.”- RescueTime: Blog (2020)*

My top recommendation would be to not compare the amount of work you have achieved against your peers. Do you remember that saying, quality over quantity? Just because they may have achieved 400 more words than you, does not mean you are behind. I would suggest booking in tutorials with your lecturers in order to confirm that you are on the right track; they may even offer some tips to improve. Booking regular tutorials felt like ‘small deadlines’ for me because I knew I had to provide some form of work to show my lecturer.

I understand that this may not work for everyone, but a simple and small change in your working habits may push you a little further.

Brandon Orton, Student Recruitment and Marketing Assistant


*RescueTime: Blog (2020) ‘Why small goals are the secret to big success (and how to set smaller goals)’ [Online] Available at: (Accessed: 17 December 2020)

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