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Staying vegan beyond Veganuary? Benefits of eating more plant based foods



If you haven’t heard the term Veganuary, then you must have been living under a rock! The new fad for 2020 was adopting a plant based diet for the month of January in an effort to reduce the consumption of meat and dairy products. Whether you want to commit to being vegan or are adopting the term of flexitarian then here are some reasons why it can be a good idea to reduce the amount of animal products we use in our daily lives!

Saves the planet

There a lot of factors that can help us to save the planet but a key one is reducing our intake of meat and dairy. But why, you may ask? About a quarter of our carbon footprint is down to what we eat and drink and the carbon levels in the atmosphere are at their highest in the last 650,000 years, so by even having one meat or dairy free day a week then you are making a difference to our planet.

Animal welfare

An obvious reason to reduce animal products is because it saves the animals themselves! While many farmers are improving living conditions for their livestock, many animals are often crammed into small living spaces towards the end of their lives. To prevent this from happening it is easy to cut these products out of our diets, but you can also look for organic or free range products to ensure that the animals have been looked after better!


Unsurprisingly, eating more fruit and veg is a much healthier way to live! Dairy products are renowned for being foods that are high in fat, so by reducing your intake of these, your meals can be a lot healthier! A diet full of fruit and veg ensures that you are gaining the vitamins and nutrients you need for a balanced diet too!

More cost effective

Now this might come as a shock to some people but it can actually be a lot cheaper to consume more plant based products. There’s no need to really find meat alternatives when there is plenty of food out there that is already vegan friendly and if you search for plant based recipes, then you will find there are lots available with simple ingredients and big portions meaning a little money can go a long way!

Do you agree with my reasons? Let us know in the comments what your favourite pant based food or recipes are and we can share them with others too!


Photo by Suresh Designer on Unsplash

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