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Staying healthy while at uni


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We all know the stereotype; students only eat pot noodles, party all the time and never exercise. I’d disagree with that, and although it’s easy to get out of an exercise routine and order a takeaway more often than you want to admit, a bit of effort can defeat that stereotype and keep you healthy throughout your studies!

Take your time

Taking just a bit more time to plan your meals and prepare them will help you in the long run. It will mean you get more variety, learn some new skills, and get your five-a-day. Cooking is actually really fun! Maybe you could sort a plan out with your flatmates so that you take it in turns to cook, or cook together?

Check out blogger Sophie’s easy recipe to get you started!

There’s more ways than one to exercise

You might not want to go to the gym, but there’s loads of other ways to exercise. Get a routine going with your flatmates in the living room (it’s so much fun!), join a sports team, or go to one of the SU sport sessions. Even taking the stairs rather than the lift will keep your fitness up.

There's no right or wrong way form of exercise to do. Do what works for you and importantly, try and find something you enjoy. Exercise also helps you burn off some energy, keep illnesses at bay and to destress. 


Most of us like a drink once in a while, and it’s always nice to go with friends to the bar to catch up. But of course, there are limits and it’s always good to stick to them.

Try to have at least a few days per week without any alcohol and keep an eye on your alcohol intake. To find out more about how alcohol impacts your health, visit Drinkaware.

Look after yourself and others

Looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and in some cases, the two can be linked. Take a look at our blog post on looking after your mental health at university including self-help tips, helpful apps and our support services. 

There are a lot of opportunities at university for you to keep active and stay healthy. Follow the golden rules on alcohol, exercise, and food, and it will help you with your studies too.

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