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Spending three summers in the Great White North

9 JULY 2018 - KATIE -


Hannah shares her experience of Camp Canada!


So you’re applying to university and everything is go, go, go! You may already know that one of the best things about university life is the 3-4 months that you get off for summer- say goodbye to those short 6 week summer holidays!

Now that you know this, you may be thinking, what am I going to do with all that free time? For me, the choice became pretty clear during my first year. Speaking to new friends and looking around at fresher’s fairs opens up so many opportunities for you to be involved in.

After looking at everything I could do, the one that stuck in my head constantly and lead me to watching hours of YouTube videos and so much research, was applying to work in a summer camp in Canada. You may already know about Camp America, but I’d always wanted to travel to Canada so it was the perfect fit; I was able to travel, work (yes, it is a real job), meet so many new people and have an experience of a lifetime all in the space of 3 months, crazy right?

The amazing thing about camp is, you never get bored! Even from the start with the application process to the flight out there and then the first jump in the lake when you reach camp - the entire process is breath taking. And it doesn’t stop there, you’ll find that the entire summer is jam packed with new things for you to try and so many new skills to learn along the way!

After the traditional ‘pre-camp’ week, alongside training, you get to meet so many Canadian staff alongside fellow international staff that really do become your lifelong friends. After this week, you finally get to meet your campers, who can also be seen as your camp family. The bonds you build over the summer will bring you to tears when you have to leave, and it will always hold a special place.

You’ll spend the summer doing things you could never imagine, from swimming in a private lake every day to canoe tripping and seeing a moose or a bear. There are opportunities for everyone, if you fancy teaching campers in an area you have a passion for (maybe sports, swimming, sailing, rock climbing or cooking) then you can do just that.

If you want to be a general counsellor, and see the smile on your campers face when they reach the top of the rock climbing wall for the first time, then this is also an option!

Overall, you will spend the entire summer acting crazy and having the best time of your life! After camp is out, get ready for some travelling! In my first year I managed to see New York, DC, Toronto, Philadelphia and Virginia; all for really cheap as well!

Nothing compares to the experience you’ll have at the end of the summer. And, if you’re like me, as soon as you get home, you’ll be planning the next summer adventure at your home away from home.

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