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Socially distanced ways to celebrate Halloween


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Halloween is just around the corner again and just because we can’t celebrate as we normally would it doesn’t mean that you should miss out on all the fun of this spooky and seasonal holiday! Today I am sharing some of my top tips for ways to celebrate Halloween this year in a fun, and socially distanced manner!

Horror movie marathon

An obvious but fun first idea is to have a horror movie marathon! Pick out a selection of spooky viewing to watch with your flatmates or even with a friend over a video call. If you both start watching at the same time then you can react along together even if you are physically apart! For more atmospheric watching dim the lights or watch at night…

Pumpkin carving

Another fun Halloween staple is pumpkin carving! This too can be done individually or with friends and is especially fun with a group as you can compete with one another for best design, most creative or even funniest pumpkin! Carved pumpkins are also great Halloween decorations for your house or flat and bio-degrade once Halloween is over meaning there is no waste from them too, just make sure you don’t let them bio-degrade in your living space! Read a blog from last year about re-using pumpkin leftovers.

Zoom costume contest

A few months ago most of us had never heard of Zoom but now it is a staple in everyday life! What better way to make the most of it for Halloween than to host a virtual costume contest with your friends. There could even be a prize for best costume to encourage creativity further!

Ghost-themed walk

Last year for the blog I wrote about some of the most haunted places to visit in Suffolk, so why not check them out this year! Normally the Tourist Information Centre hosts a variety of tours around Ipswich but why not create your own with a spooky twist?

Let us know your ideas for celebrating Halloween this year in the comments below!


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