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Socialising on a student budget



It’s a difficult one, you want to be sociable but you also don’t want to go into your overdraft. Student budgets are tough, so it’s good to find different things to do on the cheap. Here’s some of my favourite tried and tested ways of socialising on a student budget.

Parks and walks

We’re lucky to have so many parks and green spaces in and around Ipswich. Take your bike to Suffolk Food Hall and enjoy the wildlife around the area. If you don’t fancy going so far, go with a few friends up to Christchurch Park and visit the mansion for free. At the same time, you could all go to Ipswich Museum and learn a bit about the new town you’re in.

SU events

Your SU know that you’re a student with a limited budget, and that’s why they and their societies put on cheap or free events for you to enjoy. We recently had the International Food Night, and hopefully there’ll be lots more events like it for you to enjoy in the future.

Social Sports

For £1 a session, this is a great way to socialise with friends, meet new people, and stay healthy. There’s lots of sessions running throughout the week, so take a look at the SU website to find what you might like to do. If you’re feeling a bit more competitive, try out one of the competitive sports teams.

Nights in

You can never beat a good night in! Invite some friends over, get cooking (yes, I said cook), and have a games or movie night. Get everyone to contribute a little for the meal, and just enjoy your time together. After all, you don’t have to spend all your money to be sociable.


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