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Community Research to Enhance Social Work Teaching (CREST)

Community Research to Enhance Social Work Teaching (CREST)

Researcher: Dr Peter Hall

The undergraduate social work degree at the University of Suffolk is developing its programme so that final year students are recognised as active researchers and are given the opportunity to undertake primary research as part of their final year dissertation.  This is in recognition, of the radically changing landscape in which research and metrics are integral to the development of social work practice.  

Over the past three years a relationship with the local community has been stimulated, in which local employers have explored with students the possibility of undertaking small scale research work. In this third year of the CREST project (2019/20), all final year social work students have been offered the opportunity to undertake primary research, as part, of their final year dissertation.

In the case of primary research, the dissemination of these research findings is recognised as valuable for the enhancement of local community social work practice and the pedagogy of teaching within the social work modules.  As part of the the CREST project we are exploring  how to support students to publish their findings in academic journals and with local publishers.


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Hands in the middle representing collective togetherness and care