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Shopping on a budget



If you’ve moved out for uni, you’re probably already used to the food shop (not my favourite task!). Sometimes it can be difficult to know if you’re getting the best value on your student budget. These tips and tricks can help you to save a bit of money for the things that really matter!

Weekly shop

It can be easy to do a quick 5 minute shop each day down at the local store, and it might seem much easier. But that’s really not the best way to save money and spend wisely. Think about doing a weekly bulk shop at a cheaper supermarket. Most items last just as long, and over time, you’ll save loads. And just think about it, the longer walk and carrying the shopping bags is also a form of exercise!

Make a list

This might sound like a difficult task for the less organised of us, but think about planning your meals at the beginning of the week. This means that you’ll end up with exactly what you need for the week and there’s no unnecessary waste or panic trips to the shops. It can even make you more conscious to eat healthily.

Freeze things!

Make sure you freeze things! The freezer will be your best friend during uni. It can be difficult to eat fresh when you’re only shopping for one, but freezing allows you to keep food for a fairly long time. Even vegetables don’t lose their nutritional value in the freezer, so you can make sure you’re getting your 5 a day.

Be savvy

You might already know that supermarkets often drop a lot of their prices in the evenings. Keep your eyes peeled for those reduced stickers. It’s usually foods such as bread, but you can always freeze it for later. There are also foods with damaged packaging or other tiny faults, but there’s no problem with the actual contents!

Go meat free

This might sound like a crazy idea to some people, but have you thought about having a couple of meat free days in the week? Meat is probably the most expensive thing you’ll have to buy during your weekly shop, but cutting it out for a few days will save you money in the long run. It could even make you more conscious to eat vegetables and there are some great (and cheap) substitutes such as eggs, beans, and nuts for protein.

With the money you save, you’ll find it easier to afford the books you have to buy for your course, save up for a summer holiday, or take a trip with your friends over the weekend. 

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