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Settling in to uni life



I’m writing this post on the day that I’m moving back home, so it’s a good time to reflect on how I felt when I first came to university. The year has gone so quickly, and I’m already looking forward to coming back and getting onto second year (though I feel like we all deserve this break!).

I still remember packing everything (there was a lot of stuff!) and wondering if I could fit it all in the car. As with most people, I was excited, but also a bit nervous about leaving home. Luckily, I had already managed to find out who my flatmates were on Campus Society, an app that’s ideal for Freshers. It can make the whole experience less nerve racking if you’ve already chatted with your flatmates and got to know them a little bit, as you have more common ground. This was probably one of the best ways I managed to prepare for university.

The University also sets up an Applicants Facebook page which is another great way to talk to your future flatmates and to find people on your course. 

Coming from Brighton, it was a long 3 hour drive up to Ipswich with my parents. I’d done the drive a few times because I had friends in Ipswich already. Having that support network really helped me during the year, especially in my first few weeks. I was quite lucky in that sense, because a lot of people come to uni without knowing anybody.

You can make friends really quickly though, just by getting a bit involved. Freshers Fair was the event that helped me to settle into uni. I was able to sign up to clubs and societies, meet people from my course, and meet the SU. Finding out where you can get help and support and build networks will be a big part in settling down in uni. By joining societies, I was able to find people of similar interests and make lots of new friends. Now I have a big network of friends across different years and courses.

I have to say that my first year of university was a great experience.  I found that I settled down very quickly, and enjoyed so much of my time there. I’m looking forward to my next two years at university, but now I think I need to catch up with some of my friends from home!

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