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Social Work Voices

Social Work Voices is a group of individuals with lived experience and knowledge of Social Work and Social Care services. This group is embedded in Social Work education at the University of Suffolk and Suffolk County Council. We use an approach of co-production. Co-production means that you will be involved in the creation, brainstorming, planning, delivery and evaluation of the activities that are carried out. You will help to design exercises that re-create and address issues within Social Work that you have experienced. This allows us to centre your real-life concerns at the heart of Social Work Education, improving this for all involved.

Our Citizen Involvement Coordinator, Sophie Walters, will build a relationship with you and explore your interests and aspirations. She will work with you to understand how you would like to be involved and aim to make this happen. The aim of her role is to ensure that the Social Worker, whether as a student or qualified professional never loses sight of the person they are working with and that they are always at the heart of the work.

You can get involved in:

  • interviews,
  • teaching sessions,
  • meetings,
  • creating videos and written resources
  • Sessions around Equality and Diversity
  • And so much more

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience of meetings or other activities everyone is welcome and will be supported.

People with a variety of experiences and knowledge are involved in many elements of social work education. Their involvement is  fundamental to the activities at the University of Suffolk and Suffolk County Council. Involving people with experience of social work services, is highly valued by students and the social work course team at University of Suffolk and our partners within the Suffolk and Norfolk Teaching Partnership.

Essentially, social work practice is about social justice and social change and this is reflected in the meaningful and continued involvement of service users and carers at the University of Suffolk and Suffolk County Council.

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