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Have you ever been to Rendlesham Forest? It’s a great place to go to if you want to get out of Ipswich for the day, whether you’re with your kids or with friends. Rendlesham Forest also offers lots of activities for all ages, so as the days get longer and brighter, plan an afternoon in the forest.

Going to the forest and spending the day out needs a bit of planning. To start with, why not save a bit of money and pack your own picnic. Lots of healthy snacks can go a long way on your trip out, so things like fruit, granola bars and yoghurts are perfect, especially for little ones. They’ll be burning all their energy quickly as they run around the playground and forest.

There’s also loads of activities at Rendlesham Forest and plenty to give a try. For example, if you have a little one who’s learning to ride their bike, one of the smaller trails will be great for getting confidence as they learn in a safe environment. You can also hire bikes, buggies and trailers if you’d like to take a family ride or go somewhere a bit different with a group of confident bikers. It’s one of the best ways to explore the forest, especially as you cover a lot more ground than on foot. Some of the trails are longer than others, so keep that in mind before you choose which path to take.

If you’d prefer something a little more relaxing, there’s some big play areas for kids and even horse riding if you’d like to try something new. You can even take a walk on one of the walking trails if you fancy a stroll.

One of the best trails at Rendlesham Forest is the UFO trail. It tells the story of a UFO sighting in 1980 at the forest and will take you through lots of different areas. It’s three miles long but might not seem as much when you’re enjoying yourself. If you’ve got buggies or young children, there’s a short, easy access trail you can take which is less than a mile.

If you do take a trip to Rendlesham Forest, make sure you take lots of photos. As an Area of Outstanding Beauty, why not take some snaps to upload to social media later on.


Image by Picography from Pixabay 

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