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Secret Santa Ideas


Secret Santa advent calendar

You’ll find that at uni, a lot of flats and friendship groups will be doing Secret Santa. Living off a student budget it’s usually the best way to go, rather than buying everyone a Christmas present. It makes it much more fun to have a theme going, so here’s some ideas for a Secret Santa theme this year.


As much as you can buy for £5

Setting a budget for the group makes things less awkward when it comes to price ranges. You can spice things up a bit by having a competition. See how much you can buy for your person for £5. The person who manages to get the most items wins. Maybe you can think of a prize?

Second hand only

I heard that my friend’s office did this once and I thought it was a great idea! Go along to a charity shop and see if you can find the perfect gift for someone. Maybe it will be something fun or something useful, but you can find all sorts of hidden treasures in charity shops.

Homemade gifts

You can encourage your group to do handmade gifts as your theme. It usually works out cheaper and it will show more effort and thought put in. You can make the perfect Christmas decoration or some homemade Christmas cookies.

Personality themed

You might decide in your group to do a Secret Santa where all the gifts are based on a person’s personality or something they’re good at. They don’t have to be expensive at all either. For example, if your person is very musical, you can get them some music themed stationary.


Image by mr_sweetis from Pixabay 

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