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School of Engineering, Arts, Sciences and Technology

You Said ……

We did ……..

Could we have space on campus to display our artwork

We refurbished space within the Art Block to provide informal space in which to establish a gallery

Could we have a more private tutorial space within the James Hehir Building

We worked with space in the first floor of JHB to create such a space

Can we continue with our practical, workshop and studio time during the covid pandemic

We invested heavily to run such sessions in rooms with much lower capacities

During the covid pandemic, could we have access to specialist software for our courses even when we are off campus

The University facilitated access to specialist softwares either via online portals to campus machines or through the purchase of individual licenses for students

During the covid pandemic when access was not possible due to government restrictions, can we have practical work to do at home

We packaged up learning materials for artwork and experimentation and facilitated either click and collect or posted out to student homes

Could we have improved facilities and kit for the film studios?

We undertook a refurbishment of the studio space and invested in new equipment

Could we have new high quality printing facilities as part of the specialist equipment in the art studios?

We purchased a specialist high quality printing system for the studios

Can more flexibility be built into the assessment process to assist us through the Covid Pandemic

We altered the assessment regulations to ensure no detriment to grades caused by the pandemic; this included more lenient rules around extensions, waiving of capped marks on second attempts and checking award grades produced with and without marks achieved during the pandemic and awarding the highest.