School of Psychology and Education

Aspire today. Inspire tomorrow.

Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge and skills for a range of careers, whether you aspire to become a leader, manager, coordinator, teacher, early-years professional, entrepreneur, business owner or something else entirely.

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We aspire today to inspire tomorrow. We take a holistic view of psychology, care and education, with particular expertise in children and young people.

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Our Courses

Find out more about the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses available at the University of Suffolk.

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Our People

Discover the staff profiles of the people who work within the School of Psychology and Education.

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Suffolk Psychology Society

The Suffolk Psychology Society aims to promote a wider understanding of psychology by inviting leading experts to provide an insight into their research.

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Childhood Remixed

Childhood Remixed is an online journal promoting the interdisciplinary study of children and childhoods.

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Storytelling Conference

Our call for papers for our storytelling conference is now open! 

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Check out all the latest stories and updates from the University of Suffolk.

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Get in touch

Call, email or visit to ask us any questions about the University of Suffolk.

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