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School of Art, Design and Humanities End of Year Show 2018


The School of Art, Design and Humanities are proud to be hosting the annual End of Year Show in the Arts Building, Waterfront Building and the Waterfront Gallery at the University of Suffolk from 14 - 21  June 2018

You are invited to share in the celebration of our graduates’ achievements and we look forward to presenting work from the following courses:

• BA (Hons) English

• BA (Hons) Digital Film Production

• BA (Hons) Fine Art

• BA (Hons) Graphic Design

• BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Graphic Illustration)

• BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

• BA (Hons) Photography

Dr Lisa Wade, Dean of School, welcomes you to enjoy the End of Year Show at the university in 2018:

'The End of Year Show offers us all an opportunity to mark the achievements of our creative student cohort and to share with you their combined efforts in their final year showcase. We do hope that you will help us mark this celebration and offer our students the warmest of congratulations as they mark the completion of their undergraduate studies at Suffolk this summer.'

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BA (Hons) English

Arts Building, 2nd floor, University of Suffolk Arts Building R205

The 2018 End of Year Show at the University of Suffolk will showcase the creative talents of the BA (Hons) English students, displaying original work from course modules such as The Short Story, Scriptwriting, and Reading and Writing Poetry. Short scripts for stage and screen will feature in the display, as well as a large-scale collage and anthologies of new poems and short stories. All anthologies are edited, designed and published by our student writers and copies may be purchased at the Show.

Once again, our students have collaborated with undergraduates from Graphic Design and Fine Art courses to interpret each other’s work, and we look forward to seeing what they have produced. Students taking language modules such as Critical Language Studies and Researching Spoken Language will also display their projects, demonstrating the impressive variety of undergraduate work. This year’s Show will host a number of exciting events.

In particular, we look forward to the official prize-giving for the Student New Angle Prize (SNAP) competition, now in its fourth successive year, with copies of the winning entries available to the Show’s guests. Following the success of last year’s open-mic sessions, students will also return to the stage to perform some of their work and celebrate the end of another successful academic year.

Dr Antonella Castelvedere

Course Leader for BA (Hons) English

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Title: Rock Paper Scissors

The final year Fine Art Degree Show exhibiting students have spent three years experimenting with different combinations of materials, methods and ideas to create sometimes quite unpredictable and exciting results.

The show titled Rock Paper Scissors references the materiality and processes evident in the work, but also the potential for a winning combination by contingency, simultaneity and chance, in conceptually diverse practice.

The BA (Hons) Fine Art course engages students in developing practical and theoretical knowledge and skills in order to test new permutations of meaning and application in the context of contemporary art.

Dr Liana Psarologaki
Course Leader for BA (Hons) Fine Art
BA (Hons) Digital Film Production

The BA (Hons) Digital Film Production final year students will be screening a selection of short drama, documentary and experimental films. Their work explores a variety of themes, based on original scripts and creative ideas.

This also incorporates a variety of styles and techniques, ranging from gritty realism to more experimental use of composition and montage. Their hard work has involved creative use of locations, collaboration with actors, and engagement with local communities in Suffolk.

The students’ work is the culmination of skills acquired through individual and collaborative projects undertaken over three years. Students on the Digital Film Production course graduate from the University of Suffolk with a comprehensive set of technical, aesthetic and interpersonal skills that prepare them well for the challenges of an ever-changing workplace.

Hing Tsang

Senior Lecturer for BA (Hons) Digital Film

BA (Hons) Graphic Design / BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Graphic Illustration)

Ground Floor University of Suffolk Arts Building

The Graphic Design and Graphic Illustration show at the University of Suffolk has developed a reputation for showcasing exciting and professionally realised work, demonstrating students’ ability to progress directly into employment straight from their degree.

Course Leader Nigel Ball says: "It has been an absolute pleasure to work with this year’s final year cohort who have continued to push their creative thinking from day one of this academic year. With a broad mix of graphic design and graphic illustration students, the show promises a diverse mix of approaches to visual communication. Exhibited work will include final projects alongside the students’ professional portfolios which demonstrate the skills, creativity and critical thinking they have been developing over the duration of the course."

"There will also be a showcase of work created for a BBC Worldwide placement project, which is due to be judged on the day of the Private View. This group of students have a bright future ahead of them, and I speak on behalf of the entire course team in wishing them the very best for the next stage in their creative journeys."

Nigel Ball

Course Leader for Graphic Design and Graphic Illustration

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Title: Space, Conflict, Boundary

In a show titled Space Conflict, Boundary the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design final year students engage with design projects of architectural, urban and spatial design. These address current issues of locality, social encounter, endurance and memory.

They create a space for debate on how space permeates through buildings, structures and the urban landscape. The establishment of newencounters, relationships and environments is critiqued through design in projects that span from fabulative dystopian conceptions to planned design developments in the local context.

The BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design is an aspirational programme of architectural studies of space and place with a focus on design for exhibition and installation, informed by strong theoretical underpinning and principles of sustainability and technological innovation.

Dr Liana Psarologaki
Course Leader for BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
BA (Hons) Photography

The BA (Hons) Photography end of year graduate show for 2018 brings together the culmination of three years of study for our final year students and marks the start of the PhotoEast festival.

The undergraduate program in photography always encompasses, and embraces, a diverse range of work that is often beautiful, always thoughtful and sometimes challenging. In this it draws upon contemporary photographic practice both aesthetically and conceptually. This year students, whilst exploring familiar tropes such as portraiture and landscapes, have made work of a personal nature through very different visual inquiries into their sense of self.

The graduate exhibition forms part of the biannual PhotoEast international photography festival.

Mark Edwards

Course Leader for BA (Hons) Photography