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31 MAY 2019 - SARAH - OTHER

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We’ve heard a lot about our own student’s experiences recently in what made them choose university, what they enjoy about it, and advice they have. But we haven’t said much about what it’s like for parents when their children decide to go to university.

Some find it more difficult than others, especially if they come from a close knit family, or it’s their first child going to uni. I chatted with my parents about how they felt when I went to university.

One of my sisters had moved to Germany when she was 18, so my parents didn’t find it too difficult to let us go (thankfully no emotional goodbyes!). This is how my parents found the decision process.

How did you feel when I decided to go to uni?

We sort of expected it as it’s something you’ve wanted to do, so we felt quite pleased that you had found something that you wanted to do and that you were keen to do at a place that you wanted to go.

What settled or reassured you?

You were going to a place where you knew a few people already, so you would have some kind of a support network. That was reassuring. We’d already visited the campus with you and liked the small feel of it because it felt personal. It felt like you wouldn’t be ignored or lost.

What did you think of the campus?

It was nice, new and modern. It had a personal feel and felt like a place where you would get more personalised attention. We talked to a lecturer who seemed like he would get to know his students. We really liked the location and it had all the benefits of a small university.

How do you feel now after my first year at the University of Suffolk?

We’re glad you chose to go because you’re happy there. We’re glad that you’re involved in a lot of things at the University and made new friends. We know that you can get support that you need from Student Services and the Student’s Union. You seem to have settled down well and enjoy university life.


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