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Safety Tips When Going Out: Drinking safely and preventing a hangover


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Going out can be so much fun, with your best mate or a group from your class. But there can be some things to be wary of when you go out. So, let me introduce to you a few ways to stay safe…

  • Prep before you go out!

You’re going drinking and that’s great, so let’s prepare for a night out: set up your very basic skincare, get out some comfy clothes, get a bin/sick bag ready by your bed, fill up a few glasses of water, grab some plain snacks (salty is best) and put them by your bed. Easy access is best, you’ll have the easiest hangover of your life.

  • Know your limits, what you want to drink that night and what you actually drink

If you’ve drunk before you’ll know your limits and what drinks you can handle. If you haven’t drunk before here’s some ideas to help: take it slow, stick to the same or similar alcoholic beverages and always take a minute to check up on yourself (understand if you’re drunk or tipsy).

  • Always eat before a night out and after (if you can)

Having an empty stomach will get you drunk super quickly which can be beneficial but at the same time that can be dangerous, also if you need to throw up… you’ll want something to throw up. Carbohydrates are the best before a night out, during and after. My personal recommendation is a pitta.

  • Give yourself a break. Swap a drink on a round with a water or an alcohol-free drink.

Want to drink alongside your mates but feeling too drunk? Swap your empty glass for an alcohol-free drink (like a mocktail) or even some water. Always drink a glass of water between drinks. Don’t feel embarrassed, you know your limits and need a break, most of the time your friends will be too drunk to even notice.

  • When participating in drinking games, use a drink with a low percentage or only fill your cup halfway!

Drinking games can be so much fun! But when you have to down your drink it becomes a nightmare for control. So, make sure you have a low alcohol and non-fizzy drink or only fill up your cup halfway. If you’re thirsty, don’t drink your alcoholic drink, have some water on the side.

  • You can always say no

If you want an alcohol-free night or you don’t want to get really drunk, let your friends know whilst they are sober. Drunk friends will almost always try to convince you to drink, which is why it’s best to set boundaries beforehand.


Drink spiking is a serious criminal offence which needs to be reported immediately, visit the MySuffolk Staying Safe page for more:
Spiking or other forms of intentionally drugging individuals is a serious criminal offence.
Anyone who has been affected is not to blame for being spiked. The fault lies solely with the perpetrator. We recognise that anyone can be a victim of spiking.
In emergency situations (for example concern about immediate safety or the need for urgent medical attention), anyone concerned should call 999.
If students need support following an incident or have been affected by gender-based violence in any form, they can contact our Student Services teams or Students' Union for information on how to report or receive support.


Photo by Tristan Gassert on Unsplash

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