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Results day: keeping in check of your wellbeing


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As results day approaches, the reality of receiving your results becomes more and more clear. It's important to keep on top of your wellbeing and look after yourself during this time. Here’s some things you can do to keep occupied in the run up to results day.

Spending time with your friends

No matter how you think your exams went, you deserve a break. Do something with your friends other than stressing over your results. Go on holiday, take a day trip, sit on the beach. Whatever you enjoy doing, make sure you spend time with the people important to you. Check in on how your friends are doing with results day looming, as they may be feeling nervous. It’s important to talk about your worries, so try to reassure each other and take some time out to relax.

Stay active

You’ve got these long holidays to do things that you’ve been wanting to do during your exams. Take the time to do them and enjoy it. Stay active at the gym, walking, going out and visiting new places. This is one of the only times you will have to fully enjoy your holidays and not think about any work you have to do!

Prepare for results day

If you’re worried about not getting into your first choice uni, take a bit of time to research Clearing options. Although you may never need to use it, it’s good to have an idea of what your choices might be and what you need to be prepared for. It makes for much less stress on the day.

Combat your stress levels

Remember what methods work for you to combat your stress. If it’s colouring, walking, meditating, make sure you use it to keep on top of your worries. If you don’t have a particular way to combat your stress, try some new things and see what works best for you, or view our post on stress busting for some inspiration. 

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