Research Showcase

Explore research taking place at the University of Suffolk

The research projects below reflect the diverse expertise of our academics here at the University, from Flywheel Training for strength and conditioning in Sports Science to Art and Czech Animation. Explore the case studies to find further information about some of our most current research projects. 

Gordon Cullen’s Serial Visions: A Cinematic Urban Theory

Marco Spada 0 1

Art, Politics and the Pamphleteer

rally-2591086 1920 0

The effects of Heart Rate Variability training on Emergency

ecg-2270728 1920 0

Youth Voice: Shaping communities, driving change

feedback-2849590 1920 0

The Art of Czech Animation

marionette-2470594 1920 2

by Dr Adam Whybray  

Picture1 - Dr Adisa and Dr Allen

Fluidity and space to make decisions: Refuge accommodation

breakfast-2801031 1920 0

Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders are a Spectrum of Food

Community Research to Enhance Social Work Teaching (CREST)

hands-4114905 1920 1

Flywheel eccentric overload exercise

dumbbell-1966247 1920 0

Landscapes: Painting and Literature from the Eastern Region

Hazel, Wormingford 2017 v2 0

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