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The research projects below reflect the diverse expertise of our academics here at the University, from Flywheel Training for strength and conditioning in Sports Science to links between finance and life expectancy in Bangladesh. Explore the case studies to find further information about some of our most current research projects. 

Bumblebees increasingly stressed by changes in climate

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Smart technology: Management of long term health conditions

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Measuring Postpartum Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Anti-Racism in Social Work Teaching

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Learning in Organisations through Multicultural Ambassadors

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Long COVID Optimal Health Programme

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by Prof Chantal Ski, Dr Karen Windle, Dr Hiyam Al-Jabr

Walking towards the east coast of Orford Ness 1

Long Shore Drift, as part of Blast Radius

brain-gcac64a8e4 1920 - Alexander Latinjak

#HealthBehaviourMapping: A #PsychMapping application

Patient Self-Care using eHealth in Chronic Heart Failure

stethoscope-g4241a6146 1280 - Chantal

by Prof Chantal Ski, Prof Nicholas Caldwell, Prof Mark Shenton and Dr Karen Windle

The Reality of a Therapeutic Pedagogue

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Research Project Archive

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