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Relaxing in the run up to Results Day


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A Level results day is next week, and I can imagine it’s on some of your minds quite a bit. Will you get into your first choice uni? In all of these questions running through your mind, it’s important to take time to relax, otherwise it will be a very difficult waiting time for you. Here’s my top tips around relaxing in the run up to Results Day. 

Remember you did your best

Focusing on the positives of your journey through A Levels will help you as you approach results day. Remember the good grade you received on that mock exam or how much effort and time you put into your work. When you’ve done your best, you will know it and your results will reflect your time and effort. Even if things don’t go as well as you’d hoped, you will be happy knowing you did your best. 

Take a “staycation” 

Even remembering you tried your hardest, you will need something to distract you. I would usually go on holiday over the summer. Or you might be on a budget as you save money for uni, so why not explore your local area? Go to a camping site for a few days, enjoy the beach and the area around you. If you feel like a bit of a holiday, take a trip to somewhere in the UK like Cornwall, the Lake District or even London if you fancy a city break. There’s so much you’ve probably missed even in your own area, so what better time to explore it than now?

Distract yourself with a project

I love a good project! If you don’t feel comfortable going out and about right now, stay in and work on something new. Try some painting, gardening, or learn a new skill like baking or a musical instrument. It’s never too late to learn! We all have that one thing we’ve always wanted to do or something we’ve put off, so if you’re in need of a distraction, try to do that with a new project. 

Things might not go your way on Results Day and that’s also OK. Check out what Evie did when things didn’t go to plan for her and her journey through Clearing. If you’re interested in going through Clearing, have a look at what Suffolk has to offer. 

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